Music Beat Effect Premiere Pro Free Download

Free music beat effect premiere pro presets for adobe premiere pro. Easily create a beat shake effect music videos, shock effects, and more. Video Tutorial included.


0:00 Intro teaser video
1:43 Tutorial how to use preset
2:00 How to use preset with adjustment layer method
4:30 How to adjust duration of beat effect
5:18 How to use preset directly into footage
6:13 How to use zoom beat effect
7:13 Modify effect to give a double shock effect
8:28 How to add strobe light effect preset

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◻ Beat Music Intro Template Premiere Pro

◻ Playlist Presets and MOGRT Premiere pro


◻ Link Download Music Beat Effect Premiere Pro Preset

◻ If you have trouble downloading the presets, please watch this video tutorial


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Duration: 00:09:21