Multimedia Tutorial for beginners | Multimedia definition and concept | Tutorial-1

This tutorial focuses on basic concept of multimedia for the beginners. It includes the topics like Definition of Multimedia,elements multimedia,various fields of multimedia, types of multimedia applications and multimedia Software
Definition of Multimedia
Multimedia is the combined use of the MULTI means “many” and MEDIA means “medium” which includes Text, Graphic, Animation , Audio and Video presented digitally.
Elements multimedia
1. Text
2. Graphic
3. Animation
4. Audio
5. Video.
Multimedia in various fields
1. TV series and movie
2. Printing and Add
3. Video Games
4. Educational Multimedia
5. Science and Technology
Application of Multimedia
Multimedia system uses the following Multimedia applications:
1. Graphic design
2. Animation
3. Audio and
4. Video edit
Multimedia Software
1 For Graphic Design
(a) Adobe Photoshop
(b) Corel Draw
(c) Illustrator

2 For Animation
(a) Adobe Flash
(b) 3D Max

3 For Audio
(a) Sound Forge

4 For Video
(a) Adobe Premiere
(b) Camtasia

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