mTracker 3D Tutorial – Tracking mTitle Hype presets and matching them with footage – MotionVFX

In this tutorial by George Edmondson, learn how to use mTitle Hype (or any other textual plugin by MotionVFX) to place a typography composition into a scene and match it with the background video using the tracking data acquired from mTracker 3D. See how to prepare the preset for working with mTracker 3D and what steps to take to better unify the text and the footage.

mTracker 3D for Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro X and mO2.
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Topics covered in this lesson include:
00:00 Introduction.
00:59 Applying mTracker 3D onto a clip.
01:23 Copying the Track Data.
01:50 Pasting the Track Data into the Title.
02:12 Selecting a location.
02:48 Choosing an mTitle Hype preset.
03:16 Explaining Compound Clip Drop Zones.
03:52 Creating a Compound Clip from a Drop Zone.
04:26 Adjusting parameters.
05:09 Completing the look.
05:28 Final result.

Music used in this clip:
Kingdom Come by Theevs:

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Duration: 00:05:41