mTracker 3D Tutorial – How to create a scene with embedded 3D text with shadow in FCPX – MotionVFX

This video is dedicated to mTracker 3D and mTracker 3D Titles Pack. We will see how to integrate 3D Titles inside a video clip in Final Cut Pro X. We will also learn how to use mTracker 3D and how to manage the elements that can disturb the extraction of the 3D Camera movement. We will go through the features of mTracker 3D Titles Pack in order to get a perfect integration with the background video by adjusting the lighting and the shadows.

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00:00 Introduction.
00:09 Final Project.
00:13 Adding mTracker 3D to a clip.
00:44 Checking the video before the analysis.
01:08 Creating and animating a mask to eliminate elements from analysis.
02:17 Getting the right order of the filters before the analysis.
02:32 The 3D tracking analysis.
02:58 Copying the 3D tracking data.
03:08 Adding a 3D Title.
04:07 Toggling off In & Out animation.
04:12 Pasting the 3D tracking data to the 3D Title.
04:31 Positioning the 3D Title in 3D space of the scene.
05:12 Adjusting the rotation of the 3D Title.
05:28 Modifying the Text.
05:45 Removing the reflection.
05:57 Customizing the font and the size of the Title.
06:22 Adjusting the 3D parameters.
06:33 Adjusting the lighting.
07:30 Adjusting the global light and the shadows.
08:04 Adding blur to the 3D titles.
08:22 Advanced parameters for the 3D text.
09:07 How to fake shadows.
10:37 Adding a second 3D Title.
11:07 Adding a final look with mFilmLook.
11:50 Final Project.
11:54 Conclusion.

Tutorial Music:
3AM by Lux-Inspira

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Duration: 00:12:04