mTracker 3D Tutorial – Creating a 3D event title tracked to the footage in Final Cut Pro – MotionVFX

In this tutorial, George Edmondson will teach us how to place a monumental 3D title within the footage and make it stick to the scene with tracking. We will see the whole process, as well as some tips and tricks on how to better your workflow with the plugins inside Final Cut Pro.

mTracker 3D:,mtracker-3d,p3506.html
mTracker 3D Bundle:,mtracker-3d-essential-bundle,p3511.html

00:00 Introduction.
00:27 Session summary.
02:40 Overview of compositions already made.
02:55 Making useful Compound Clips.
05:19 Adjusting the project to the frame rates.
05:49 Tracking the footage.
06:36 Copying the tracking data.
07:10 Pasting the tracking data.
07:24 Selecting the Target Icon.
08:11 Turning on the rotation.
08:30 Adjusting shadows (Shadow Rotation, Light Angle, Shadow Opacity).
09:47 Changing & fixing the text.
10:51 Choosing the title Font.
11:09 Readjusting the shadows.
11:30 Changing the depth of your text.
11:54 Using the Drop Zone Basics preset.
12:23 Selecting new location for the Drop Zone.
12:42 Rotating the Drop Zone.
13:01 Choosing and adjusting the source for your Drop Zone (Final Cut Pro Summit icon).
13:52 Matching the branding of a text (adjusting materials and colors).
15:14 Looking at the Light Wrap option.
15:30 Fixing the shadow over the object (setting a Luma Keyer).
16:46 Trimming over an object with Luma Keyer.

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Duration: 00:18:24