mTracker 3D Basic Tutorial – Tracking 3D Titles in Apple Motion – MotionVFX

In this lesson, get to know the basics of the mTracker 3D workflow on an example of creating a stylish composition with footage and a 3D text. Learn how to track the footage, place the 3D element in the scene, and what to have in mind while creating tracked scenes.

? mTracker 3D for Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro X and mO2.
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Topics covered in this lesson plan:
00:00 Introduction.
00:08 Using mTracker3D in Apple Motion.
00:39 Setting your Track Point.
00:50 Adding more than one Track Points.
01:01 Removing additional Track Points.
01:17 Putting 3D Group and Camera into your scene.
02:13 Adding tracked 3D text using mTracker 3D.
02:58 Lining up your tracked items.
03:26 Creating 3D text in Apple Motion.
03:39 Modifying tracked 3D text layers in Apple Motion.
05:26 Creating additional lights.
05:43 Resetting light parameters.
06:13 Adding shadows to the scene.
07:54 Using a solid as a shadow catcher layer.
08:48 Turning off the inherited light.
11:20 Finishing the scene.

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Duration: 00:11:39