Motion Graphics Tutorial | Page Turning Animation | Hidden Technique

Hey there!
In this Cool Motion Graphics tutorial using After Effects, I’ll show you how to add a cool page turning Animation to your paper.
Forget about the tedious frame-by-frame design – this method adds depth to your animation with just one go.
The beauty of it? You only have to do it once! Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can use this project anytime to effortlessly change your papers without any fuss.
Let’s make your graphics pop – give it a try! 😊

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00:00 – intro
01:16 – Making a wide Composition
02:16 – Slice the Comp into 30 Pieces
05:56 – Curving the Comp
07:49 – Animating the Paper
08:45 – Adding Bouncy Animation
09:27 – Making the Backside of the Paper
13:48 – Adding More Depth
14:48 – Giving it the Noisy Style

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Duration: 00:15:18