Motion Graphics Reel 2012 – Shane Schaber

Excellent Machine is a kinetic typography that explores text and timing. The poem in it is an excerpt from John Lemann’s, “This Excellent Machine”. The animation was created as an assignment for a Motion Graphics class. The art was made in Photoshop and animated in Adobe After Effects. The animation considered typography in order to convey the feeling or meaning of the words. Timing was also an important element that gave pacing to the piece. (2011)

Run Away Game Board is an animated representation of a Junior Monopoly board game cover. The animation was created in a motion graphics class using Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop. The original image was scanned in. The characters, logos, balloons, and roller coaster were then edited out. The pieces were imported into After Effects and animated. (2011)

This Back to the Future Title Sequence is an imagining of what an animated opening for the movie “Back to the Future” could be. It was created for a Motion Graphics class. The theme created by the art is that of plans being drawn on a chalk board. The animation and art were created using Adobe After Effects, and was done in time with the theme music. (2011)

“Breezy Street”
Composed by: Scott P. Schreer, Ernie Lake, Adam Kapit

Duration: 64

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