00:07 BUNNICULA – Boomerang Halloween Ident (also at 01:02 )

Compositing, Background Setting, Camera Multiplane, VFX.

00:12 NINJAGO – The Mask of Deception Promo

Endpage Design, Vectorization Mask Image, Particles.

00:15 BEN10 – Youtube Mugshot Villain Roulette

Animation, Compositing

00:17 PPG – Donny The Unicorn Promo

Look Dev, Character Animation, Background, Compositing.

00:21 PPG & TTG – TEAM UP Promo

Endpage Design, Roto, Animation, Compositing.

00:25 BEN10 – Upgrade (New Episodes) Promo

Design, VFX, Background, Text.

00:28 WE BARE BEARS – Lasertag Promo

Compositing, Endpage Look Dev, Animation.

00:34 BEN10 – Omnitricked Promo

Endpage Design, Text, Animation, Particle

00:37 PPG – The Mojojojo Show Promo

Roto, Mojojo Show logo Design, Scenes Compositing,
VFX (Powerpuff Streams), Background creation and processing.

00:55 CN – Monster Madness Week Promo

Design, Animation.

00:57 Lowerthirds

in order of appearance:

WBB – Web Game digital lower third (Design, Roto, Couch extension, Animation, Text).
DOROTHY – Web Game digital lower third (Roto, 3D model, Animation, Text).
BEN10 – Web Game digital lower third (Design, Roto, Animation, Text).

01:06 CLARENCE – Stranger Things Parody Promo

01:09 BE COOL SCOOBY DO – The Great Scooby Mystery Promo

Design, Animation.

01:16 PERSONAL – Overwatch Animated Icons

Shape Animation, Compositing.

01:23 PERSONAL – Creature Walkcycle

Shape Animation, Puppet Rigging, Compositing.

Software: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D

Music: “Requiem for a Fish” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra

Duration: 95

Likes: 2