Motion Design Hotline: Flustered by Faux 3D with Evan Abrams and Kyle Hamrick

All is not as it seems this week on Motion Design Hotline, as Evan Abrams and Kyle Hamrick reveal tricky techniques to make things appear deeper than they are. We’ll bring dimensionality to flat images, travel down tunnels, and rotate 2d artwork into the third dimension! There are many ways to create depth in After Effects… or at least fake it!

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Evan Abrams is a freelance motion designer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:

Kyle Hamrick is a freelance motion designer based in Kansas City:

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00:00 Start
03:30 Animating a car in different perspectives
05:00 Using guidelines & warping elements
11:00 Making use of the new rotation effect
13:00 Cleaning up element seams with effects
14:00 Creating a background
16:00 Depth and Displacement maps
21:50 Photoshop Neural Filters for Depth Maps
26:00 Using maps to create unique zooming effects
28:40 Creating a tunnel effect
38:00 Creating an animated texture of colorful cubes
41:00 Corner Pins and Power Pins
44:20 Kyle’s tunnel interpretation
48:00 Exporting files for After Effects

Duration: 00:56:15