Motion Design Hotline: Ae Tricks and Treats with Evan Abrams & Kyle Hamrick

Evan Abrams and Kyle Hamrick spice up the spooky season with a little competitive pumpkin carving. Our hosts will dive into divergent techniques to create autumnal animations. Evan will be making an emoji-style flat character that still has depth. He’ll make use of pre-comps and warp effects to animate a face once and use it as shadows, highlights, and holes. Kyle has opted for a more realistic approach compositing a more grounded gourd. Which is best? Let us know in the chat!

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Evan Abrams is a freelance motion designer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:

Kyle Hamrick is a freelance motion designer based in Kansas City: |

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00:00 Start
03:16 Kyle’s Jack-o-lantern
07:15 Evan’s Jack-o-lantern
13:55 Evan’s Composite Breakdown
18:54 Kyle’s Composite Breakdown
54:55 Outro

Duration: 00:57:05