Most Advanced Cattle Farm Uses Modern Technology | Offers Organic Palai Service at UNBEATABLE Price

Most Advanced Cattle Farm Uses Modern Technology | Offers Organic Palai Service at UNBEATABLE Price
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Sheikh At The Farm
Plot no: 250-S
Northern By Pass- Hawks Bay Road (Near Askani Hotel), Karachi, Pakistan.
Google Maps coordinates:
Pin Location of Sheikh At The Farm:
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Cow Mandi Karachi which is also known and searched as Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi Karachi, Cattle Market Karachi, Karachi Cow Mandi, Maweshi Mandi Karachi, Gai Mandi Karachi. This is the biggest and Asia’s largest livestock buy and sale market which is constructed on the largest area of land.
Cow Mandi Karachi is the Cattle & Livestock market to Sale & Purchase Best Cows in All Price Ranges for Eid al Adha Qurbani.
Cow Mandi 2020 is going to be installed at many small areas of Karachi like in Lalukhet Bakra Mandi near Lalukhet Birds Market but mainly there are 2 markets will be organized officially, first is the old Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi Karachi near Super Highway and the other is Everest Mandi after Toll Plaza Karachi near Bahria Town Karachi.
In Karachi Cow Mandi, there is a wide area where: Goats for Sale, Bucks for Sale, Sheeps for Sale, Lambs for Sale are available in high and low prices, this area is known as Bakra Mandi Karachi Pakistan (Goats Market Pakistan).
Camels Qurbani is done by many Muslims in Pakistan with passion that’s why you will also find Camels for Sale near Cow Mandi Karachi.
Bakra Eid 2020 also knowns as Eid ul Adha 2020 / Eid al Adha 2020 is a great annual event for all the Muslims. Muslims from all over the world celebrate this Eid festival by sacrificing (slaughtering) the sacrificial animals in the name of ALLAH which is famous and known as Qurbani and Sunnat e Ibrahimi.
Bakra Eid 2020 / Eid ul Adha 2020 is going to be a healthy competition between new and old dairy and cattle farms. Some famous and new cattle farms are Surti Cattle Farm, Sufi Cattle Farm, Lasania Cattle Farm, Chippa Cattle Farm, BM Afridi Cattle Farm, Kn & Rabbani Cattle Farm, Rehmat Cattle Farm, Tuba Cattle Farm, Al- Syed Cattle Farm, Al Ramzan Farm, Afridi Cattle Farm, Shah Cattle Farm, Surmawala Cattle Farm, Jamal Cattle Farm, Fair Cattle Farm and many more.

We try to film all these famous cattle farms in Bakra Eid Season. These farms grow up different types of cows breeds in Pakistan. Those cows are from these cattle breeds: Sibi Bhagnari, Sahiwal Cattle Breed, Cholistani, Lohani (cattle), Brahman, Dhanni (cattle), Belgian blue, Charolais, Libre, Rathi, Red Sindhi, Zebu, Jersey Cows, Gir Cows etc.

We record our videos casually by iPhone 7 plus in High Quality of 1920 x 1080 Full HD dimensions and sometimes with Canon EOS 1200D. We record our audio with Boya BYM1 microphone to produce high audio quality and then in post production I edit it in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 with some color grading of cool cinematic LUTS, I also use some intro animations those were created in After Effects and sound effects work was done in Sony Vegas Pro 13. Once video was rendered, finally I convert it in Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

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