Morphing Animation Tutorial: Working with Illustrator (Part 1/6)

In this series, I’m gonna show you how to animate the transitional effect between 2 different scenes in After Effects using various animation technique.

You will learn how to:
– Working with layers in Illustrator
– Controlling Shape Layers
– Animating Text
– Adjusting Speed Graph for smooth animation
– Playing with Camera
– Morphing 2 different objects
– And more cool stuff you will find out by yourself.

The song I got the inspiration from is It’s a beautiful day of Michael Bublé. You can hear it at:

Download the Illustrator project to practice here:

Part 2 – Animating the Sun, the clouds and waves:
Part 3 – Animate text:
Part 4 – Animating character:
Part 5 – Animating Background:
Part 6 – Morphing the Car:

Duration: 00:15:52

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