I took inspiration from the text ‘The Distance of the Moon’, which references the moon multiple times. I selected specific exerts to paint a picture of the moon as a seductive and somewhat sinister metaphor for the vices people fall victim to, the most poignant of which being alcohol. The images used, which are all creative commons listed, are mostly black and white with the occasional flash of bright yellow or red, this was done to create a dark atmosphere that is also subtly elegant. One or two of the images, such as the close up of the pills, required editing on Photoshop to achieve this. The images are a mix of symbolic and literal representations of vices and both their long and short term effects, the most common and powerful of these being the moon. The sound track is partly a song by The Black Keys called ‘The Go Getter’ which is about failure, despair and self-destruction and makes reference to both vices and the moon. The song is in reverse, mimicking the whimsical state of disorientation that comes with being drunk. On top of this, various open source sound-bites were used. Mostly back-round noise from different areas or industrial noises, some represent the pain or frustration that comes with addiction, whilst others add to and expand on specific images.

Duration: 59

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