Molten Chrome Text Animation | Adobe After Effects Tutorial

Have you been seeing more and more Molten Chrome/Silver lately? Is it me? Either way, in this tutorial you will learn how to create Molten Chrome Text in After Effects in under 10mins!

Now you too can make trendy & hip text animation and say that, yes, you are in tReNd. This tutorial is actually 2D, but you’ll learn to use some effects to make it look 3D. #chrometext #molten #aftereffects

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◆ Intro Music by x8nder.m

0:00 Intro
0:10 MotionDuck
0:44 Set up text layer
1:44 Adding Fractal Noise as texture
2:25 Make it 3D with CC Blobbylize
5:38 Bump up 3D with CC Glass
6:56 Animate the lights
7:39 Adding colours
8:16 Add Glow

Duration: 00:09:24