Modern LOGO ANIMATION in Adobe PREMIERE PRO | – Modern animation that adds more dynamic to your logo. Learn to use multiple layers and fully customize your logo animation in Premiere Pro.

To keep up with the rapid changing trends and styles, you need a modern logo animation that can impress everyone. In this tutorial we create a simple but awesome animation, with techniques that can be used for every unique logo.

One of the techniques we used is layering, which is very common in Photoshop and After Effects. The idea of layering is that you divide every element of your logo into a separate items. This makes it possible to customize and modify every item separately when needed. For our animation we created our logo in Photoshop, with every element on a different layer. Then we used the dynamic link between Photoshop and Premiere Pro to make a sequence from the Photoshop composition, which allows us to maintain the separate layers in Premiere Pro. Now we can animate every element in a different way or motion. It’s even possible to go back to Photoshop and correct faults in the logo, if needed. If you don’t have Photoshop you can always use PNG files from your separate elements, if they have transparent backgrounds of course.

Another technique we explain is the transform effect in Premiere Pro. This gives us more options to adjust the motion parameters like position, skew, rotation, scale and so on. But it also let’s us create motion blur in an easy and fast way, which normally takes more steps to achieve in Premiere Pro. Motion Blur is essential for moving objects, as the object moves over the screen it will cause aliasing, which is seen as a blur. Without this blur the object will look unnatural due to the hard lines.

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