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I used the song from Epidemic Sound, crazy playlists they have!
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Hey Guys,
So I’ve made a different video this time. This is an intro template of the MKBHD kind of intro. The intro is a pretty cool motion graphics intro which he uses in all in his recent videos.

First and foremost, huge shoutout to Chungdha who made this particular intro in a detailed manner. If you want to follow up on the detailed tutorial, make sure to check out his video. It’s pretty awesome!
Link :

What I’ve done is, I’ve followed the tutorial and with my own adjustments made a free template that you guys can use for making something very similar in your videos as well. Follow the video and you guys can easily put your logos in the intro and render it out to create your own! If you have created an intro like this on your own, make sure to tag me on Instagram @pixel_samy and I’d definitely give you guys a shoutout!

Currently, this template is for premiere pro only, but I’ll make a Final Cut Pro version of it really soon as well. Stay tuned for that!

Though, I’d definitely suggest you guys make some adjustments to the intro and not just directly copy from MKBHD. Remember it’s something which is totally MKBHD’s style, not yours. Follow the template, make adjustments, put your own style to it, and make it more awesome!
Let me know in the comment section down below about what you think about it!

I used the song from Epidemic Sound, crazy playlists they have!

Creativity is endless and you guys have the freedom to use it anywhere you want.
Let me know what you guys are up to! comment down below!
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I used the song from Artlist, crazy playlists they have!

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Let me know in the comments what you think of this effect!
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