Missouri State University Advertisement Club / Opal Agency Opening Video

The programs that I used to create this piece were Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. I was asked to make a small opening video for the new members meeting for the Missouri State University Advertisement Club and Opal, which is a subsidiary of the advertisement club.
All the wording in the video was done in Photoshop. I received the logos from the head of the club and did the rest with Photoshop’s text tool. I then moved the text throughout the video, fading it in and out as the video went on.
In the end of the video I added lens flares. They get people’s attention if used correctly and they did the job. I actually used two different lens flares and changed their color accordingly to the color of the text and used the orange one to brighten the screen and then fade to black. This way the video could loop seamlessly. The audio was decided on later by the head of the advertisement club.

Duration: 37

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