Mission: Improbable Arts Festival 2011 Promo

Envisioned as a showcase for art, dance, music, drama, writing and spoken word inspired by the Mission District of San Francisco, the Mission: Improbable Arts Festival never actually got off the ground. Despite that, the promo piece that I was hired to come up with is one of my favorite projects to have worked on. I was given a couple of hundred photographs that the organizers had collected and told to make something “inspirational but not cheesy.” I leave it to you to decide if I succeeded. I prepared the photos in Photoshop CS5, added text and made several of the photos 3D in After Effects CS5, edited down the music in Soundbooth CS5 and edited the final cut in FCP 7, all on my MacBook Pro.

Music Credits: ‘Help, I’m Alive’ by Metric.

Duration: 96

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