Micro – After Effects Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use the “Micro” template to create realistic microscopic animations in Adobe After Effects. Learn more at https://creationeffects.com/micro.html.
Full Description:
“Micro” allows users to create realistic microscopic animations in After Effects. This effect simulates what a scientist sees under a microscope, giving you the choice of species, and control over how it moves or behaves. Just drop in an organism, and instantly create an entire colony—each organism will have their own random, realistic movements.
Viruses, ameobas, parasites, bacteria, DNA, atoms, worms, germs, and sperms – They’re all included. You can also use your own stock photo of an organism, or design your own microbe with the inlcuded tools, and use the effects to bring it life. Best of all, the animations from the demo video are included! So if you need organisms self-replicating, multiplying, attacking, dying, injected with a needle, or any of the other scenarios in the video… just swap out the organisms and the work is done!
Compatible with CC 2019 and up. Music not included.

Duration: 01:03:58

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