Mechanic Alludu || Telugu Full Movie || Chiranjeevi, Anr, Vijayashanthi

Duration: 02:26:30

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Ravi (Chiranjeevi) joins Nageshwara Rao’s garage as a mechanic. He tries every possible trick up his sleeve to tease his boss’s daughter (Vijayasanthi) and she too tries the same.After few comic scenes also involving brahmanandam, both fall in love . ANR realizing that Ravi is his enemy’s son, rejects their love. Ravi manages to persuade ANR to take revenge on his father Narayana (Satyanarayana) by acting as his son and entering into Satyanarayana’s house. Both Ravi and Vijayasanthi confuse everyone there about their relationship, as both enter the house as siblings, but behave as lovers. Rest of the movie is about how all ends well.

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