“Me vs 2D Me”(? lol) for Creative Compositing (5DM031)

Set up a good green/blue screen with good lighting before even shooting anything!
I had a bad green screen which I thought would work ok but of course it sucked. I ended up having to cut down the number of frames and manually edit about 340 frames. Which took me several days xD

Anyway.. After I got the live-footage, I imported it into Photoshop and limited it to every 2 frames and cut out everything around myself.

Then I made the 2D man (based on myself) in Photoshop and animated it in After Effects.

Everything besides the beginning text part and the music and sounds were done in After Effects aswell, then took this into Premiere Pro to add the beginning text and music and sounds (because I didn’t know how to do it in After Effects yet xP)

I experimented with using different effects which turned out pretty nice ^_^
Especially the credits, had alot of fun making that ^_^

Special thanks to:
and Pete
for lending the camera and helping me shoot the footage ^_^

Oh and the green screen rounded off my hair Q_Q

Music by Manfred Linzer

Duration: 43

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