“McBeatz Musical”- A journey through music…. (Jack McMinn)

My animation “McBeatz, a journey through music” is a 38 second animation visually showing what I think and see when i hear these four genres of music.

1st scene-“Mcbeatz musical!”
This part introduces the animation, as a whole telling people this is a musical animation. I created the “McBeatz” text in Photoshop and my reason for this was to have a title that was bold and prominent, the best way to kick this animation off! I believe the red and yellow combination shows passion and Beatboxing is not just a hobby of mine, but a massive part of my life, something i feel incredibly passionate about. My friend came up with the stage name of McBeatz while listening to a tune from the same genre as this, both songs are quite similar to one-another and this was a big decision in my design process. The light shine on the text gives “McBeatz musical” a classy feel to it, which is something i try to bring to the stage whenever i beatbox.

2nd scene- Connection Dubstep!
Now we come to the second scene, “Connection dubstep” and the idea of this is to give people that ‘Fire in there belly!’ When I think of Dubstep, i think of bright lights and a club dance floor and this was a major aspect in creating this scene. Its also my favourite genre of Beatboxing. To achieve this, i went about creating an RGB background that rolls from one colour to another to create that club feel. I then went forth with creating audio reactive visuals in the form of an audio spectrum and waveform to make this aesthetically pleasing as well as hard-core and entertaining!

3rd scene- “A fine summers day!”
When the suns out there’s nothing more enjoyable for me than going to the beach, putting on this type of music, going swimming and taking in the beautiful scenery around me. Its one of the situations where I’m most happy! I wanted to give people a joyous feeling by creating an amusing sun and dancing palm trees. The sun represents my emotions when enjoying the scenery……”The old cheeky eyebrow when i see that hot girl”, “The smile i give back when she smiles back”, “My facial expression when my mate brings me a beer”, “The sparking up of a cigarette with that ice cold beer” and finally, “The total love and joy when i sit back and take in everything around me!” HAHAHA! 😉 I created the beach scene, palm trees and the Lylo in Adobe Illustrator, the sun and its facial expressions in Adobe after effects and the umbrella and beach ball is from pixabay, a copyright free image site.

4th scene-“My beatbox journey”
As your probably well aware, i am a Beatboxer and i have been doing this for five years now. It shows the audience my most successful gig, “BBC Introducing in Devon” as well as a snippet from my most successful video where i hooked up with an incredible rapper and friend where it managed to achieve over 2,500 views, 138 likes and it being shared by many different people in places such as Kent, Yorkshire and Manchester. Last year i performed my first gig in an Exeter charity show, where no-one really knew i could do this, and this has started a journey where i have performed many times at many different places, also meeting some fantastic contacts on the way, and becoming recognized as McBeatz the beatboxer on nights out, social media and more. One amazing contact and rapidly becoming like a brother to me is the man you see in this scene Hayden Wright, a UK rapper who has been on rap city, the Daily Mirror and many more. The line represents my musical journey, and the calming colours of blue remind me to keep my feet on the ground and to not get carried away.

I have tried to give you all an animation that’s important and personal to me, showing the things that I love. This brings a real purpose to my animation and I hope you all enjoy “McBeatz Musical”-A journey through music.
(Music from incompetech.com and NoCopyrightSounds-YouTube.)
(Images from pixabay.com.)

Duration: 38

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