MAX Chats | Using Adobe’s 3D & AR Apps to Bring your Project to Life

Discover Adobe Dimension and Aero with Designer Jay Master. Learn how to create a realistic mock-up in Dimension and then visualize it in the real world with Aero.

Jay is hosted by Designer Nick Longo.

Join the broadcast and live chat on Behance to:
– Apply brand assets to 3D mock-ups in Dimension
– Bring digital mock-ups into real world environments using Aero
– Get tips and tricks on how to use 3D and AR to bring your projects to the next level


00:00 Start
03:00 Starting in Dimension – setting up a scene
05:50 Sharing between users with libraries
06:20 Adding textures to the scene – creating mockups
13:41 Adjusting and bookmarking camera angles
17:42 Using match image to match lighting for a scene
21:33 Jay sets up a scene using multiple assets
26:59 Adding decals to objects to create labels
33:37 Creating custom bottle mockups in Dimension
43:54 Aero demonstration – virtual photoshoot
48:53 Exporting files for remote AR viewing

Duration: 00:51:49