Mastering Generative Fill on Non-Static Video | After Effects Tutorial

Learn the creative process behind crafting an ice cream mountain using generative fill in Adobe Photoshop 2024 and Adobe After Effects! Dive into the tutorial to discover the step-by-step guide on how to achieve this visual masterpiece.


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00:00 Introduction
00:09 Exploring the Case Communication Level
00:13 Importing Screenshots & Image Selection
00:29 Analyzing the Scene Details
00:55 Adjusting Perspectives
01:10 Applying Mask and Effects Control
01:28 Refining Visual Elements
01:37 Final Touches for Realism
02:00 Conclusion

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💬 Transcript

Let me walk you through the process of creating an ice cream mountain using Generative Fill and After Effects. I started with a screenshot imported into Photoshop, selecting the upper mountain background and refining the prompt for Generative Fill until I achieved the desired result.

After generating the ice cream scoop mountains, I saved the image and returned to After Effects. My aim was to replace the background mountains with the newly created image. Importing the Generative Fill, I aligned it with the video clip using Boris Effects MOCA for motion tracking.

Using the MOCA tool, I aligned the surface to fit the proportions of my composition and tracked the movement forward. Once the tracking was complete, I exported the data, adjusted opacity, and created a mask to seamlessly integrate the ice cream mountains into the video.

In the final version, I added more elements to enhance the perspective. The result? An enticing ice cream mountain scene. Who’s up for ice cream?

In this tutorial, I unveil the process of creating an ice cream mountain using Generative Fill for video using After Effects within Photoshop 2024. Join me as I dive into the steps involved in this innovative project.

Starting by Integrating Generative Fill seamlessly into After Effects and Boris FX Mocha. I emphasize the utilization of this tool for motion tracking and its integration into video editing workflows.

Throughout the tutorial, I showcase the utilization of Generative Fill within Photoshop 2024 for video editing, highlighting its role in replacing background elements to achieve a desired visual effect. By merging elements and applying effects, I illustrate how Generative Ai, in collaboration with After Effects 2024, transforms visuals into a captivating a hyperrealistic ice cream mountain video scene.

Despite various refinements and adjustments, the tutorial focuses on showcasing the power of these tools in achieving a visually stunning final product. Viewers gain insights into the capabilities of Generative Fill and After Effects, providing a glimpse into the innovative possibilities within Photoshop for creating engaging video content that transcends imagination.

Duration: 00:02:34