Making Your First Character (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)

Adobe Character Animator is a performance capture animation tool that is part of After Effects CC. It takes Photoshop and Illustrator files, and allows you to control them in realtime using your face and voice through a webcam. This in-depth tutorial shows a complete end-to-end workflow, from drawing the character all the way to a final export. You will need Character Animator Preview 4 or later to use the features shown here.

1. Drawing a Head
2. Importing & Setup
3. Eyes & Eyebrows
4. Mouth
5. Physics
6. Keyboard Triggers
7. Cycle Layers
8. Head Turns
9. Drawing a Body
10. Arms, Hands, Legs & Tails
11. Live Animation
12. Recording Setup & Lip Sync
13. Recording Face, Limbs & Triggers
14. Exporting

Download the example Wilk puppet:
Download more official example puppets:
Download After Effects:
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