Making Your First Cartoon – ARCHIVED (Adobe Character Animator and After Effects Tutorial)

(Note: This is an older video, so some parts may be outdated in the latest release. See for a more recent getting started tutorial.)

This is a video version of the sold-out session at Adobe MAX 2015 in Los Angeles. Learn the basics of setting up a character in Photoshop, tweaking its properties in Character Animator, recording and exporting, and finally adding finishing touches in After Effects.

Tutorial Sections:
0:00 – Intro
2:05 – Getting Started
2:45 – New Puppet In Photoshop
5:51 – Calibrating Your Character
7:16 – Editing Puppet Properties
8:26 – Recording A Performance
9:45 – Arming Properties For Record
11:14 – Managing Takes
12:11 – Exporting A Scene
13:33 – Importing A Scene Into After Effects
14:18 – Basic After Effects Keyframing
15:57 – Character Monologue Example
17:12 – Importing A PSD Puppet
19:36 – Using Pre-recorded Audio
21:43 – Keyboard Triggers
23:42 – Setting Up Your Scene In After Effects
28:39 – Shot Variety
31:50 – Adding Color & Music

Download the free worksheet, puppets, artwork, and audio files:

Download other example puppets: (Okay Samurai Puppets)
and (official Adobe pack)

Download Character Animator:

Visit the official forums:


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