Make SABER 3D | Quick Tip After Effects Tutorial

I’m going to show you how to get a Wireframe 3D Animation into Video Copilot’s Saber Plugin!

I’m a bit late in the game. I orginally wanted to get online with this video on Star Wars Day 2022.

Well, I missed it. I rather took time to get the After Effects tutorial right.

But hey, for me every day is Star Wars Day 😉

0:00 Intro Saber Plugin
1:38 Create a 3D Wireframe in After Effects
4:47 How to make Saber 3D
5:42 Bake Path Animation
8:28 Editable 3D Animation & 3D TIE Fighter
9:39 Outro

Enjoy watching!

Download Free After Effects Project File:

#saber #aftereffects #videocopilot

Duration: 00:10:06