Make 3D Chrome Text Effect in Photoshop – Easy Tutorial

What does that even mean when discussing the 3D Chrome Effect in Photoshop? How can you accomplish making this 3D Chrome Typeface Effect? Is it easy to make the Photoshop Chrome Effect?

This 3D Chrome Typeface Effect can you used for expressing your artistic views, or you would like to use this 3D Chrome Effect for your design or marketing works. You can even use it to create a 3D logo for your company. Imagine you are in the Chrome Plating Business; you can use this Chrome Text for making the Logo.

When it comes to the 3D Chrome Text Effect, it appears realistic by reflecting the background its placed on, on its chrome surface. Watch this video to find out the technique to get this realistic effect for your text. Follow this Photoshop Chrome Effect Tutorial and become an expert in no time!

Here are steps you can follow to create a 3D Chrome Text Effect in Photoshop:

Step 1: Unlock the Image from the Layers Panel

Step 2: Take the Text Tool and type the word you
want to give the 3D Chrome Effect

Step 3: Change the text color to Black

Step 4: Go to the “3D” menu and select “New 3D Extrusion from Selected Layer” from the drop-down menu

Step 5: Use the “Orbit the 3D camera” option to fix the angle you want your text in. You can use the Axis to move along the Axis.

Step 6: Choose the Shape Preset from the Properties Panel

Step 7: Copy the image layer and select the 3D layer and select Environment from the 3D Panel

Step 8: Add new Texture and choose Clipboard from the drop-down menu

Step 9: Edit Texture and paste the copied image

Step 10: Increase the Metallic property to 100% and Roughness to 0% for the 3D material options

Step 11: Select the Chrome material for the base color and apply it to the 3D model and wait for it to render

Follow these few easy steps to the most realistic 3D Chrome Effect in Photoshop and design to your heart’s content, so watch our video now!

Text Tool: T
Move Tool: V
Hand Tool: H
Free Transform: Cmd + T… (Windows: Ctrl + T)
Undo: Cmd + Z… (Windows: Ctrl + Z)
Zoom In: Cmd + “+”… (Windows: Ctrl + “+”)
Zoom Out: Cmd + “-“… (Windows: Ctrl + “-“)
Save: Cmd + S… (Windows: Ctrl + S)

Software Using :

Adobe Photoshop CC 2020
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021
Camtasia 2019

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00:00 Intro
00:11 Take Text Tool
00:30 Change Text Color
00:38 Go to 3D menu
00:48 Use the orbit feature to adjust the angle
01:37 Choose Shape Preset
02:05 Add New Texture
02:16 Edit Texture 
02:56 Select Chrome material and apply
04:04 Use Field Blur
05:06 Use Gaussian Blur
05:16 Make Adjustments
06:10 Thank you for Watching

Duration: 00:06:13