Major’s Minute

1. Photoshop – Cut out alpha backgrounds out from Major Nelson, various XBOX shapes, Kinect, and microphones.
2. Cinema 4D – Modeled on-air microphones, and Major’s Minute Box and text. Text created using MoText.
3. Cinema 4D – Animated box rotating and on-air microphones rising up out of box.
4. Cinema 4D – Exported alpha channel .psd sequences of C4D animations.
5. After Effects – Created circular gradient backgrounds.
5. After Effects – Created circular green bands in the four corners.
6. After Effects – Imported all C4D .psd sequence files into After Effects.
7. After Effects – Animated all .psd alpha cutouts to bounce out of box.
8. After Effects – Created camera animation to pull back over time.
9. After Effects – Color corrected everything and exported .mov to FCP.

Duration: 3

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