1. Cinema 4D – Modeled room and many assets in room. Some 3D elements were pulled from stock 3D elements on file. Textured all 3D elements.
2. Cinema 4D – Created a plane and added photo of Flatirons to plane. Added plane behind windows.
3. Cinema 4D – Lit scene so lighting would cast shadows on wall.
4. Cinema 4D – Did a camera pull back animation to reveal entire room at an 8.5 x 11 size, then exported .psd sequence to After Effects.
5. After Effects – Imported .psd sequence animation from C4D, and added text and barcode animations.
6. After Effects – Exported .mov file for C4D.
7. After Effects – Animated brown colored blocks.
8. After Effects – Exported brown colored block animations for use as background in C4D.
9. Cinema 4D – Created 8.5 x 11 plane and added After Effects .mov animation to plane as a texture.
10. Cinema 4D – Created another plane to be used as a background and added the brown colored blocks .mov animation as a background layer.
11. Cinema 4D – Used a bend deformer to create a page peel on the 8.5 x 11 plane.
12. Cinema 4D – Added magazine page texture to backside of 8.5 x 11 plane.
13. Cinema 4D – Modeled iPhone 4.
14. Cinema 4D – Created reflective floor and never ending white background.
15. Cinema 4D – Animated iPhone 4 to spin back and then to the left.
16. Photoshop – Took screenshots of apps from iPhone and cut them out in After Effects. Saved them out as individual .png files.
17. Cinema 4D – Created planes and added .png app icons as textures on the planes.
18. Cinema 4D – Created an emitter and emitted app icon planes from emitter.
19. Cinema 4D – Exported entire animation as .psd image sequence to After Effects.
20. After Effects – Imported .psd image sequence and added text fade up.
21. After Effects – Color corrected the whole thing and then rendered .mov file to FCP.

Duration: 7

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