Lunch Time Lettering with Belinda Kou – 1 of 2

Feeling hungry? Join Lettering Artist and Illustrator Belinda Kou as she celebrates Asian food through Lettering Art using Adobe Fresco. On Day 1, Belinda will share her process for filling letters with illustrations using pixel brushes. On Day 2, she will show you how to add illustrations a second way as she creates a full phrase, complete with illustrated food. Join in on the fun and help Belinda decide which food items she should draw!

Guest Belinda Kou is a lettering artist and illustrator based in Chicago, IL: |

Host Ariadne Remoundakis is a lettering artist and Library Manager of Adobe Fonts based in San Francisco:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
3:20 Intro to Belinda’s Work
5:20 Intro to Today’s Project
6:53 Brainstorming for Dim Sum
16:09 Rough Sketching the Dim Sum
25:00 Refined Linework
29:28 How Belinda Found Her Passion for Food Art
31:48 Other Subjects Belinda Draws Outside of Food
33:55 Tips for Freelancers
35:36 Tips on How to Get Better at Hand Lettering
40:38 Discussing Belinda’s Instagram Grid Planning
41:49 How Belinda Organizes Layers
44:45 Color Block Testing
49:22 How to Use Lock Transparency Tool
51:32 Cleaning Up Linework
58:06 How Belinda Deals with Art Block
1:04:13 Working with Both Fresco and Photoshop
1:08:47 Filling in Flat Colors
1:27:55 Why Belinda Prefers Fresco
1:29:13 Balancing Kids with Working from Home
1:35:47 Drawing in Steam
1:38:23 Other Artists that Belinda Admires
1:47:00 Belinda’s Process for Uploading to Social Media
1:54:17 Belinda’s Education Background

Duration: 01:57:40