Lucid Planet – 'Zenith' – 2nd Single and Video Premiere

“Through the storm,
The mist,
There’s new beginnings…”

Join us for the premiere of ‘ZENITH’ – the second release from the long-awaited ‘Lucid Planet II’, coming November 2020. This year has been a confusing and tough one for everyone, so we felt inclined to share another full and all-encompassing experience with you before album release. We felt that ‘Zenith’ was the one to really deliver that the best. With its almost 10-minute running time, it is a dynamic journey that begins subtle and discreet… and ends in very much the opposite way.

The new single will be accompanied once again by a new and exciting visual journey created by guitarist Michael Box using the stunning artwork of Mr Crystalface.

Join the Live Watch Party on Facebook and Youtube at 10am, October 17th
AEST. Post your comments live and share the experience with other fans around the world!

Preorders are available NOW for ‘LUCID PLANET II’ (out November 2020) from our website:

Duration: 00:00:59