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Today’s Shorts: logo making with grid in illustrator | what is Branding? Letter H Logo for tech brand.

Full Video Link : https://youtu.be/FhW6T7gcg6c (Branding Design, Letter H Logo Design)

Like you, I also have creative block, sometimes I don’t know whats going on.
I will talk about this problem today and design a brand.
Well, we do most of the time. We sit front of the computer and start designing, But this is the problem has started. I have no idea after starting the design What is the Direction I should going on. Same thing happened to me Again and again. It’s a bit more Frustrating When it comes to designing on logos or a branding To Skip this problem, the first thing I do is, start word mapping the word Take from the brief That’s what I am applying here. Which word resembles the word Huge? Usually hugh means something very big think and is resembles to the word elephant, blue whale, mountain, etc. Since it is a tech brand and elephants are sought as a symbol of Wellness empower in most Around the world, That’s why I am here choosing the elephant.
Let’s start and go to video.

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