Logo Design Process in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

In this video we will learn Logo Design Process in Adobe illustrator by using simple grids, with a modern and minimal touch to get rid of cluttered stuff.

Aim to be Nice in Graphic Design world , so i hope you will appreciate me to create more stuff like that.

My name is Touseef Ahmad a passionate Graphic Designer working with many firms to create modern Logo Designs and Providing Illustrator Tutorial to share my knowledge to my friends all over the world.


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About Logo Design Process:

The Logo Design Process From Start To Finish.
Hello Everyone, welcome back.
In today’s Tutorial, I will take you through a full logo design project,
from start to finish.

you will see me sketching, then I will show you how to make a grid system
for your logo sketch, and you will see much more of my logo design process.

Make sure to watch carefully to the end, and then write in the comment section the most valuable information you find it in the tutorial, and I will pick the best three comments and I will mention them in the next tutorial video.

Thank You!!


The logo design Process:

when you design a logo, you should follow a precise logo design process to ensure that your
final design be the right solution for the client problem.
There is always precise steps that will guarantee you a great final logo design:

Design brief: this step where you send to the client a detailed logo design questionnaire
to collect all the information needed.

Research and Mind mapping: in this phase you should make a deep search about the industry,
and the competitors of your client, you will also learn about your client’s target audience.

Sketching And Refining: this step is about putting ideas on paper no matter how you drawing look like, its about gathering as much logo design concept as possible, then choosing the right ones an clean it.

Digitizing: this step is about digitizing your sketches and making them scalable vector logo designs.

Delivery: this is the final phase where you make a good presentation with all you logo design concepts and present it to the client.



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