Logo Design in Illustrator Tutorial | Automobile, Harbour & Marine Vintage logo | Part 2

Check out Part 3 | Logo Design Tutorial | Wildlife Vintage Logo: https://youtu.be/dPPQ9o7GGME
Part 1 | Logo Design Mastering Vintage : https://youtu.be/xDJD_Ip_n54
Hey Guys! Here is the Second Part of the Vintage Logo Design Tutorial in Illustrator. In this Video we will be using the vectors that we have extracted out from the photoshop and create out an amazing logo designs. The first step we gonna did was, to convert all our images to path Object in Photoshop. After that we will export those path objects to illustrator and convert them into vectors. Once the vectors are ready, we are ready to design out Vintage logo. So check out the full video to see the step by step by process.

Logo Design Tutorial | Mastering Vintage (Part1) : https://youtu.be/xDJD_Ip_n54
Logo Design Tutorial | Automobile & Marine Vintage (part2): https://youtu.be/MnEaqIt83JI

Download The Images Resources used in Tutorial : https://bit.ly/2D9dd7p
Get 10% off the Vintage Font Bundle, CODE: CREATNPROCESS : http://hrtgtype.com/vintage-font-bundle
Designing Marine Logo : 0:48
Designing Automobile Logo : 09:36
Designing Harbour Logo : 16:23

Vintage Text Effect | Alternate Letters: https://youtu.be/txSkCvl8c14
Vintage Text Effect | Appearance & Transform effect : https://youtu.be/raCYy9SSxhk
Vintage Logo Design | Mastering Vintage (Part1) : https://youtu.be/xDJD_Ip_n54
Vintage Logo Design | Mastering Vintage (part2): https://youtu.be/MnEaqIt83JI

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