Load Paragraph and Character Styles From Another InDesign File

Learn how to get some, or all, of the styles from one InDesign document into another. Details below…

0:00 – Copy Styles Between Documents
Having copied text to the clipboard that has applied Paragraph Styles and/or Character Styles, pasting that text into another document will bring in those styles. Even if the text is immediately deleted, the styles will remain. This is a fantastic way to transfer a few styles but could be very time consuming if wanting to transfer many, or all, styles to another document.

1:07 – Load Styles From Another Document
In the upper right corner of both the Paragraph and Character Styles panels is a menu that contains the option “Load All Text Styles”. Within the dialog box…

Select Styles:
Next to each style is a checkbox for inclusion during import. These can all be simultaneously changed via the “Check All” and “Uncheck All” buttons.

Style Conflicts:
If InDesign detects a style with the same name in both documents, two choices can be made for each style…
1. Auto-Rename will keep the existing style and load the new style with the word copy appended to the name.
2. Use Incoming Definition will overwrite the existing style with the loaded style.

Duration: 00:03:04