Live Action & CG 4 – Ultimate Guide to Compositing with NUKEX & Maya – Eat 3D Video Tutorial |

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In this DVD, Instructor Matt Skonicki takes you through the full “gamut” of compositing a CG monster into a live action scene using Maya and NUKEX. Matt starts off talking about color management and giving an overview of what will be covered. He then goes into NUKEX and talks about its color space, interface, and other things needed to know before using it. Matt goes on to talk about lens distortion and then goes into tracking 5 different shot scenarios using the camera tracker in NUKEX. He then takes the solve into Maya, sets everything up, and then talks a bit about the monsters rig, materials, and animation. Matt then introduces Vray and talks about rendering with Vray and Vray RT, and setting up basic IBL. After the lighting is done he goes into rendering with render layers and then brings the layeres into NUKEX to composite. Inside NUKEX he adds a lens flare, chromatic aberration, granularity, roto masks, tracking, tweaks, and finalizing the piece.

The DVD is a must-have for those looking to create photo-real, physically-accurate Live Action & CG composites.

About the Instructor:

Matt Skonicki has worked in the video game and film industry for over 6 years. During his time at Midway Games in Chicago, he worked very hard to prove his way up from being a cinematics artist to a character technical artist. Matt has worked on such video games as “Mortal Kombat: Armageddon” and “John Woo’s Stranglehold” and even received a prestigious excellence award for his contributions. Currently Matt is a visual effects instructor at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy in Chicago Illinois.

Apps: Autodesk Maya 2012, NUKEX, VRay for Maya, Photoshop
Duration: 9 Hours
Instructor: Matt Skonicki
DL Size: 1.4 GB
Project Files: Autodesk Maya files for every chapter to follow along including all assets, NUKEX files, and the original video plate. What is not included are the final exported Open EXR files due to the extremely large filesize of over 30GB. These can easily be rendered out from the maya scenes provided as seen in the video.

Duration: 188

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