Link – photoshop colored pencil process

Process video of this piece

Lineart was done traditionally with a B pencil, and colors were added in photoshop with my custom colored pencil brush.

I set the lineart layer to Linear Burn, which is darker and richer than Multiply mode. Then I give it a bit of color with a Color Balance adjustment layer and darken it a bit with Levels.
In a layer under the sketch, I block in the flat colors with my custom pencil to set a nice, textured base.
On another layer, with a normal brush, I set the base color for the skin, since I don’t want it to have as much texture as the rest of the piece.
I create another layer on those of those, but still under the lineart, and set it to Multiply. Using a normal brush, i select the same colors from the base, but slightly lighter, and block them in to knock the texture down a bit. Finally, I go back to my colored pencil brush and add shadows.

Songs from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, by Koji Kondo

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