Learn To Build A Creative Agency From Scratch With Editor X (Real Talk #002 )

Learn To Build A Creative Agency From Scratch

Join Brandon Groce on August 24th @ 1pm EST/5pm GMT to “Learn To Build A Creative Agency From Scratch With Editor X”, as he chats with Ari & Laylee of SKS Creative (https://www.sks-creative.com), an Editor X focused creative agency that is a Top 100 Editor X Partner and one of the top-rated creative agencies on Upwork!

Their agency has produced and serviced over 300 unique customers & websites using the Editor X/Wix platform and they continue to very rapidly convert their new and existing clients over to the Editor X platform each and every day!

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Conversation format:
– 45 mins conversation
– 15 mins Q&A with our live audience

00:00 Video start
00:25 Intro
3:12 (SKIP THIS)
11:08 Beginning of Conversation
11:40 How Ari And Laylee got started in their design journey & building their agency
17:02 What did the early days of SKS Creative look like with branding, getting clients, etc?
18:08 Should you do free work to help build a name for yourself?
24:03 What are the most important business processes for SKS Creative?
28:36 What tools do you use to keep your creative agency team organized?
31:55 How to hire your first employee or contractor as an agency owner
38:37 How do you figure out your pricing for creative projects (or as a freelancer)
46:07 What are the biggest benefits of Editor X for clients and agencies?
52:01 Q&A: How do you find the WIX Market Place Leads?
53:07 Q&A: How do your commercial/enterprise clients use or like WIX?
54:56 Q&A: What tools do you use for project management and business processes

During this live conversation, we will have 45 mins of conversation with Ari & Laylee on the topics below, accompanied by 15 mins of Q&A for you, our live audience, to chime in and ask them any questions your desire!

Topics We Will Cover:

– How and why Ari & Laylee chose the WIX/Editor X platforms to build their agency on

– How they got off the ground when they first started the agency

– What would they recommend to new freelancers/agency owners who are new on this path

– What is the value of Editor X for Agency owners, and how do you sell the platform to clients

– What business model works best for their agency, why, and would you recommend this to others just starting

– How Ari & SKS Creative goes about bringing in new clients

– How the Editor X marketplace plays a role in his business model

– How to bring in sales/sell Editor X to potential clients (What does he find is the best selling point)

– How have Ari and Laylee continued to scale SKS Creative over the years

Duration: 01:01:46