Learn Premiere Pro in ONE HOUR (OR LESS!)

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0:00 Intro
1:26 Project Setup in Premiere Pro
2:21 Set up Workspace in Premiere Pro
2:35 How to set up Auto Save in Premiere Pro
3:25 How to reset layout to default in Premiere Pro
4:13 How to Import Files into Premiere Pro
5:33 How to change folder view in Premiere Pro
6:23 Navigating the timeline in Premiere Pro
6:15 Change Sequence Settings in Premiere Pro
6:47 How to Cut Footage in Premiere Pro
7:30 Get Better Audio in Premiere Pro
7:51 Increasing Audio Gain in Premiere Pro
8:18 Adobe Podcast Enhance
8:29 Exporting Audio to Mp3 in Premiere Pro
9:42 How to Link Media in Premiere Pro
10:22 Using Parametric Equalizer in Premiere Pro
11:08 How to Cut in Premiere Pro
11:26 How to Ripple Delete in Premiere Pro
13:14 Adding and Auditioning Music in Premiere Pro
13:55 Get 2 Months FREE with Artlist (Link)
18:59 Adding text in Premiere Pro
19:59 Changing fonts in Premiere Pro
20:52 How to duplicate something in Premiere Pro
23:02 How to use Keyframes in Premiere Pro
24:52 How to animate word by word in Premiere Pro
26:14 Animate a Mask Path in Premiere Pro
27:55 My FAVORITE Premiere Pro Plugin (Premiere Composer) (LINK)
28:33 Using the snap tool in premiere pro
29:05 How to Animate a Scrolling Screenshot in Premiere Pro
29:34 How to apply gaussian blur in Premiere Pro
30:21 How to create a solid color matte in Premiere Pro
31:12 How to create a black video in Premiere Pro
33:50 How to use source in and out in Premiere Pro
34:37 How to delete audio only in Premiere Pro
35:54 How to organise your sequence in Premiere Pro
36:47 Color Grading Vs Color Correction
37:10 How to use Lumetri Color in Premiere Pro
40:05 How to color grade all clips in Premiere Pro
42:46 My FAVORITE Premiere Pro Plugin https://www.misterhorse.com/?a_aid=rchorse
43:43 How to use blend modes in Premiere Pro
44:41 Create a zoom with blur in Premiere Pro
46:16 Create Flickering Text in Premiere Pro
46:45 How to create a 3d screenshot in Premiere Pro
48:05 How to create a speed ramp in Premiere Pro
49:09 How to create an exposure flash effect in Premiere Pro
49:46 How to speed up footage in premiere Pro
51:30 How to make text behind image in Premiere Pro and After Effects

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Duration: 00:54:27