Learn How to Edit Photos – People and Landscapes LIVE

Join Darlene as she demonstrates photo editing techniques in Lightroom and Luminar AI using subscriber images – you can submit yours too! Just use this form: https://forms.gle/TLdRdszukPp1HqXh9

In this weeks livestream, Darlene edits people photos (portraits) and Landscape photos.

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Learn how to edit photos using Lightroom, Photoshop and Luminar AI, LIVE and in person every Wednesday at 8 pm EST here: https://www.youtube.com/digitalphotomentor/live

Whether your a beginner or intermediate photographer, watching Darlene editing photos is a great way to learn about the entire process. You’ll be able to ask questions and interact with the host.

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To have your photos considered for LIVE photo editing, use this form:


⚠️ What I’m doing in the stream:
I’m editing subscriber submitted photos, with permission, so that you can see how a professional photographer would approach the image with any fixes, improvements or adding of a creative touch.

⚠️ How it works:
I do this for free. Photos and/or questions must be submitted ahead of time using the form above. Submissions do not guarantee the photo will be used in the livestream.

⚠️ Notice:
I will not necessarily be able to provide the edited image back to the subscriber who submitted it.


Darlene Hildebrandt is a Skylum Software Ambassador:
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