Learn Adobe XD and beyond with Jamie Nuzbach

A designer at heart, Jamie Nuzbach brings us Adobe XD’s performance, integrations and cross-platform solution used by educators, students and business professionals in the UX industry. With years of experience as a Creative Director in enterprise and agency, Jamie understands the needs of companies today and how XD can help designers revolutionize their workflow.

0:00 – Introduction
6:00 – Why XD?
8:47 – Next in Design
16:27 – How to use XD
19:04 – Ideation and collaboration
26:29 – Design & Prototype
41:24 – Present and share
49:56 – Q&A
52:40 – Conclusion

Created and Hosted by Audra Carlisle, 2022
Featuring Jamie Nuzbach
Images from Adobe Stock
Slides from ASU UTO
Music by Roddy Nikpour

Duration: 00:53:18