Lavender Falls – Create an Environment (Blender to Photoshop Tutorial)

Create an Environment in Blender and Photoshop!

Who is tutorial for?

It’s aimed at beginner and intermediate artists looking to broaden their toolset combining 2D and 3D techniques. I recommend that you have some basic knowledge in Blender.

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In this tutorial, I will show you how I translate my ideas using 2D and 3D tools in a beginner friendly way. I will discuss black and white sketching, painting over 3D, photobashing, composition, lighting, and setting up a strong base to paint over in Photoshop. I’ve gone about this whole tutorial in a way that it’s all the keys areas broken down into 64 videos spanning just under 13 hours in total. It’s mostly narrated realtime videos with a couple of time lapsed videos in there.

Tutorial includes:

12+ hours of real time and time lapsed voiced over recorded content spanning 64 Videos
Kitbash Set
Final .PSD File
jpegs of each step
3D Render Passes
PureRef file
Notepad doc with useful resources and links

Topics covered:

Idea Generation

Painting with AI


Painting Over 3D

A.N.T. Landscape




Image Displacements


Lighting in EEVEE Engine


Cloud Maps


In depth process of painting over a 3D base

Software used:

Blender – ( Bagapie Free ) ( Paid Addons – QuickShape Collection, Botaniq ) Photoshop

Epic music by AShamaluevMusic

Duration: 00:01:56