Kyran Davies – My Hobbies

I created a animation on After effects and created everything in the video on Photoshop. After i had the created photoshop files on After effects i created my hobbies and used various techniques such as text animation, walk cycle and masking to create my animation. The audio files were created by myself using a microphone and the crowd cheering and explosion were sourced from a free SFX website – . I created a cartoon like animation where the focus was on my hobbies but also myself as a character, my character walks through my hobbies and is in the introduction and the conclusion. My character becomes the focus as he goes through my hobbies. I chose to create 2 hobbies as i had an introduction and a conclusion which meant there was only enough time to create 2 hobbies which were fully created and animated by myself. The cartoon look gives the video a more animated feel and less realistic where as if i had my animated character on top of real footage this would give a different effect.

The introduction shows my character next to the title of the video with the text explosion to show the audience that there is a comical element to my animation rather then a serious perspective and lets the audience know that the animation is about my hobbies.

The football slide is of my character walking past and kicking a ball into a goal which is in a stadium, i created the feeling by having the action happening in a football stadium with a crowd which cheers and a goal keeper which moves. These are all created by me which further adds to the animation feel.

The shooting games slide is of my character walking past again but is then hit by an explosion from a thrown grenade by an enemy. The desert location and sand bags give the war zone feeling and matches the title of the hobby.

My character then walks past as my final title is shown, this was done with masking in after effects and is revealed by my characters walk.

The reason my character walks past the screen is to make use of the walk cycle and give the feeling that my character can move rather then being static. This gives more realism and the textures of my animation make the world seem real to my character, therefore allowing the verisimilitude to my character but not to the audience.

Duration: 23

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