Krishna Animated Movie With English Subtitles | HD 1080p | Animated Movies For Kids In Hindi

One of the most recognizable, loved figures of Indian culture and mythology, Krishna and his stories make for an arresting, riveting tale. The extra-ordinary tale of Lord Krishna’s birth, his adventures as a kid, his pranks and playfulness, his bonding with everyone who comes across him and the devotion he evokes, is captured and brought to light in this wholesome, enchanting animation film.
 This film narrates the tale from Krishna’s childhood friend, Sudama’s perspective. It traces the life of Krishna from his birth in the prison cell of Kansa, to his growing years in Vrindavan and Gokul, to his victory over his evil uncle Kansa, finally how as the king of Dwarka, Krishna, the all knowing, embraces everyone from all walks of life, including his childhood friend Sudama, as an equal.

Duration: 01:29:50