KineMaster – Professional Mobile Video Editing Tutorial | Complete Video Editing Course In Hindi

Guys if you are looking for professional KineMaster video editing tutorial then In This video you are going to learn complete Professional Mobile Video Editing with the help of kinemaster.
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You don’t have to search and watch multiple kinemaster video editing tutorial because in this long video you will learn everything in detail.

In this era video content is growing fast and if you want to become an influencer, content creator or YouTuber you must know video editing. But remember to start video editing you don’t need heavy and pricey laptop because you mobile is more then enough for normal video editing. you can easily edit and create video by using your mobile.

There are lots of app available on play store for video editing but kinemaster is one of the best video editing application according to my experience. you will find almost all the tools required for good video editing inside kinemsater. this application is also one of my favourite and recommended application.

You can run Kinemaster in almost all android and iOS device which have latest gen processor and 4GB of ram. you don’t need high-end phone for kinemaster of video editing. Now a days almost every mobile phone offer decent processor and good amount of ram event budget phone offer these type of expects so it doesn’t matter what mobile you have you can run Kinemaster and you can do professional video editing.

Course Chapter:

00:00:00 Course Introduction
00:02:06 Kinemaster Introduction
00:09:40 Interface Introduction
00:13:12 Insert Media File
00:19:41 Re Arrange Timeline Clip
00:22:08 Project Settings
00:31:33 Transition Effects
Video Editing
00:34:49 Trim And Split ( Remove Unwanted Part )
00:43:32 Pan And Zoom
00:48:44 Rotate and Flip
00:50:19 Clip Graphics
00:52:27 Speed ( Slow Motion | Fast Motion )
00:54:31 Reverse
00:55:59 Color Correction
Audio Editing
01:04:57 Volume Controls | EQ | Reverb | Voice Changer
01:12:21 Audio Ducking
01:17:27 Audio Envelope
01:22:51 Music Loop
01:24:42 Sync And Extract Audio
Layer Concept
01:28:36 Basic Layer Connect
01:38:04 Media Layer | Split Screen
01:41:51 In | Out Animation
01:47:13 Coping
01:50:40 Opacity
01:52:12 Blending Mode
01:57:39 Effects Layer
02:01:59 Sticker Layer
02:03:49 Text Layer | Hand Writing Layer
02:08:28 Chroma Key
02:14:16 Keyframe Animation
02:25:36 Export Video
02:28:47 Outro

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