Kill Your Television – Visual Effects Breakdown

This is a quick 2min Breakdown of some of the most complex visual effects in Kill Your Television. I wrote and directed this short film and did nearly all of the compositing and 3D modeling/animation. Alan Lam, Melbourne Based visual effects artist helped out with all of the gun shots to the heads that you see in the film.

I used Photoshop to destroy buildings, enhance backgrounds and help to create foreground elements. Used Mocha for AE to track shots and elements within frames for added realism. Used After Effects for every shot in the film, from the Colorista plugin from Red Giant to doing all final composites and enhancing the handheld feel on static green screen shots. All of my 3D modeling/animating/rendering in Cinema 4D to be brought into AE. Edited all elements using Apple Pro Res (1280×720) in Final Cut Pro before sending the edit to my sound designer. If you have any other questions feel free to message me about specific shots.

I know all of the text goes by VERY quickly. This video was made to pause and click through as well as watch in realtime. Thanks!!


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