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Topics Covered in this Game:
Kiddy Ball 🏀 Runner 🏃💨 game 🎮
– Player movement from Left and Right
– Camera Movement Along with Player
– Player jump
– Prefab creation
– Adding enemy’s
– Generating infinite platforms
– Coins💰 collection
– Score display
– If player⛹🏻‍♂️ touches enemy😈game should be over♟️
– Swipe Controls🕹️In Android☃️
– Starting Text💬in Game🎮
– Animations Of Text💬
– Health Bar 📶
– Adding Audios🔊in game🎲 🎮
– Main Menu📄 Creation
– Final Building🏣 Game 🎮 In Mobiles📱 and windows💻.

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