Keewords | To Whom It May Concern | Shot & Edited by Collective Thought Media

Official music video for Keewords “To Whom It May Concern” off the album “MPC, Myself & I” released in 2013, produced by AD Beats.

Gear included the BMCC, Canon T4i, Rokinon 16mm f2.8, Sigma 10-20mm, Sigma 70-300mm, Canon 50mm f1.8, DJ Aura lighting kit powered through a car AC inverter w/ Cinegel 3026 Full White Diffusion Sheets + Cinegel 3407 Full CTO (certain shots), Davis & Sanford 7518 tripod, Tiffen variable ND filter, timelapse on T4i in 5K w/ Magic Lantern, a wee bit of stock motion graphics + stock audio during the intro from For post, ProRes files encoded to Cineform AVIs, cut in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, color correction with Colorista II, text frames created in Photoshop CS6, and finally Twitch in AfterEffects CS5.5 for gate/distortion effects.

Duration: 206

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